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From the video below you can see what kind of rules and policies are stand in our Sauna house in Vaskiniemi.

Sauna rules

The Executive Committee decides on the Society’s sauna rules and keeps them updated. You can view the rules in Finnish here: Sauna rules (approved on 15 April 2020). Below, you can find a summary of practical instructions on sauna bathing. However, please read the rules carefully before arriving at the saunas in Vaskiniemi!   

A peaceful atmosphere takes priority

Maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in the sauna is the most important principle of the Finnish Sauna Society. It is an extensive concept that governs all of the Society’s operations and applies to all its members. In Vaskiniemi, everyone must be allowed to bathe in peace. However, that is just one aspect of it. The Society’s principle of ensuring a peaceful sauna experience consists of three elements: respect, community spirit and peaceful bathing. According to the customs and norms upheld by the Society, all members must behave in a calm and composed way and show respect to others. This means appropriate behaviour towards other bathers and respect towards the Society’s other members. Members are expected to promote this culture whenever acting as a member of the Society. More information about the concept is available in Finnish in this brochure.   

Upon arrival at Vaskiniemi and the available services

The Society welcomes all its members to Vaskiniemi! In order for your visit to be as relaxing and enjoyable as possible, we ask all bathers to be respectful towards one another by behaving in a calm and friendly manner.

When you arrive at Vaskiniemi to bathe in the saunas, please show your membership card at the desk and leave any valuables in a locked cupboard. You can leave your clothes in one of the changing rooms downstairs. Take the seat cover you received at the front desk to the sauna and enjoy the heat. For hygiene reasons, swimming costumes are not allowed in the Society’s saunas. You may wear a swimming costume when swimming or using the outdoor areas, but not in the saunas. However, if for religious reasons you cannot be naked in front of others, you can wrap yourself in a towel. Inside the other facilities at Vaskiniemi’s Saunatalo building, you must wear a bathrobe or a towel as a courtesy to others. Please note that hair removal is not allowed at the Sauna Society’s premises.

The café sells food and drinks, as well as other products. Please pay for any products you have purchased before leaving. The café staff are happy to help with any questions you may have about the saunas and bathing. New members can ask for advice from their recommenders or other members.

Currently, only card payments are accepted in Vaskiniemi.

You may bathe for as long as you like within the opening hours, but please make sure to leave the saunas and washing facilities before closing time. Also, please be aware that you can park at the Saunatalo’s carpark for a maximum of four hours with a parking disc. As the Society’s carpark has a limited amount of space, you might consider using public transport. Please also bear in mind that Saunatalo is a smokefree area, but a dedicated smoking area is located outside the main entrance.   

Bathing in Vaskiniemi

The saunas that are heated with wood have circular sauna heaters equipped with hatches. This means that in order for you to throw water onto the stones, you must first get up to open the hatch with a ladle or a hook, found in the sauna. Never touch the metal parts of the heater with your bare hands, as this will result in severe burns.

Open the heater’s hatch and throw as much water onto the stones as the bathers want. When you reach the desired amount of heat, close the hatch. You should not leave the hatch open for extended periods of time, because the heater will quickly cool down. Löyly, i.e. throwing water onto the hot stones to release steam, is allowed in all of the Sauna Society’s saunas, as that is part of the Finnish sauna culture. However, always be mindful of other bathers and respect their preferences, as this is a vital part of the culture as well. Competitions to see who can tolerate the most heat are not allowed in the Society’s saunas.

The Society’s sauna heaters are efficient at producing heat, and you should always guard against the releasing steam when throwing water onto the stones. Never lean towards the heater when throwing water onto it, as the steam is released with considerable force and may burn your face if you are too close! The heaters’ average heated mass is over two tonnes, and they can store heat for 24 hours.

The sauna heaters are heated downstairs in special heating rooms. Dry and stripped birch and common alder are used for the heating. For safety reasons, members have restricted access to the heating rooms. If you would like to visit these rooms, please contact the Executive Director or the person in charge of the heating in advance.

Children are welcome to bathe in Vaskiniemi’s saunas with their parents. However, calm behaviour and the sauna etiquette also apply to them. Furthermore, please ensure the safety of all child visitors! Under no circumstances can children be left without monitoring while at the Society’s premises.

A member may bring one guest at a time to Vaskiniemi. An exception to this rule is Fridays, when Vaskiniemi is dedicated to use by members only, based on the Executive Committee’s decision. Under exceptional circumstances, the Executive Director may grant an exception to this outside of peak hours, but such arrangements must be negotiated with the Executive Director well in advance. A member must ensure that their guest has been appropriately briefed and that all of their fees and other costs incurred in Vaskiniemi have been paid.   

We wish you and all other bathers enjoyable sauna sessions. The Executive Committee members and the Executive Director will be happy to receive feedback on how to improve the Society’s operations further and to provide any guidance that may be required.