Finnish Sauna Society

Vaskiniementie 10, 00200 Helsinki
Cafeteria 050 372 4167
(during opening hours)

The Society safeguards sauna culture and aims to continue the development of the Finnish sauna and promote research connected to it. The Society also distributes information about the Finnish sauna and sauna bathing on global forums.

The Society grants a Löylynhenki award annually to an individual or a community for promoting sauna culture. The award is given on Finnish Sauna Day, which falls on the second Saturday of June.

The Society also publishes a magazine named Sauna four times a year and maintains the website It has a sauna centre in Lauttasaari’s Vaskiniemi in Helsinki, intended for the members and their guests for casual enjoyment as well as presentation purposes.

The Society’s partners include the International Sauna Society, whose office is located in the Finnish Sauna Society’s premises in Vaskiniemi.