Finnish Sauna Society

Vaskiniementie 10, 00200 Helsinki
Cafeteria 050 372 4167
(during opening hours)

The Society’s saunas are located by the sea in Lauttasaari’s Vaskiniemi in Helsinki. The Saunatalo building in Vaskiniemi has a cosy yard and a patio, where you can cool yourself down and admire the beautiful sunsets in the evenings. You can also take a dip in the sea year round.

Saunatalo has six saunas with wood-burning heaters and one modern city sauna with an electric heater. The heating process begins early in the morning, and after the soot has cleared from the stones, the bathers are welcome to enjoy the saunas. An inviting room with a fireplace is a perfect place to cool down between sessions in a hot room. The café serves homemade food and refreshments.

Aino, i.e. No 1, is a low-heat relaxation sauna that is large enough for lying down. Aino is a so-called quiet sauna, which means that no sauna whisks or loud conversations are allowed.

Väinö, i.e. No 2, is a relatively hot sauna for using sauna whisks.

Louhi, i.e. No 3, is a hot chimneyless sauna where sauna whisks are allowed.

Harald, i.e. No 4, is a medium-hot chimneyless sauna where sauna whisks are not allowed.

Sampo, i.e. No 5, is a medium-hot chimneyless sauna with a high platform for seating, and sauna whisks are allowed there.

Ilmatar, i.e. No 6, is a medium-hot sauna with a chimney and a high platform for seating, and sauna whisks are not allowed there.

Koesauna, i.e. experimentation sauna, is heated with electricity and provides gentle heat. No sauna whisks may be used there. Experimentation sauna has been used as a real “laboratory” to study the effects of sauna on sauna goers when the current Sauna house was buit.