Finnish Sauna Society

Vaskiniementie 10, 00200 Helsinki
Cafeteria 050 372 4167
(during opening hours)

Membership applications

The Executive Committee can approve a new member who has two recommenders and wants to take part in the Society’s activities by maintaining, developing and spreading traditional Finnish sauna culture and the related good sauna bathing practices. By joining the Society, the member agrees to visits by journalists to Vaskiniemi, including all the interviews, photographs and videos. However, members are not expected to take part in any news articles or programmes. The Society keeps a record of its members, in accordance with the Associations Act. Membership applicants are aware that their personal information may be processed outside the EU or the EEA and agree to this.


Any individual who has been a member of the Society for at least five years may recommend new members. A member may recommend up to one person per year. A recommendation is not dependent on an application’s approval date, but on its submission date. A recommender is responsible for ensuring that the new member receives an adequate induction to the Society’s activities and bathing customs. When a new member arrives at the saunas for the first time to bathe, the recommender must accompany them or make sure that another Society member carries out the new member’s induction. 

Membership fees

A private individual’s joining and membership fees: 

  • The one-off joining fee is €400 and the membership fee is €125.
  • A youth member (aged 15–21) is only required to pay the membership fee when joining.

The membership fee of a community or a company is €500 for a non-profit organisation and €2,000 for a business.   

Resignation and expulsion from the Society

You can resign from the Society by notifying the Executive Director in writing. An email message will also suffice. In addition to that, the Executive Committee may expel a member on grounds defined in the Associations Act, or if the member fails to pay their membership fee within three months of the last payment date, or if they wilfully and repeatedly disregard the Society’s recommended sauna etiquette for enjoyable bathing.